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About the Author


Jim Petipas has always loved cows! Here he is at the age of 7, pictured with some Canadian Cows and more recently with some American-Scottish Cows. Besides loving cows, he has always enjoyed drawing. When he was little his parents regularly brought him to the library where he would check out books mostly on how to draw cars and animals. Today Jim works as an adolescent counselor and previously as a youth pastor. Jim is also a musician. That’s him singing lead vocal, playing drums and cowbell (of course) on “The Cows Go Moo” song! He lives just north of Boston with his wife, Beth, two daughters, Olivia and Sophia, and his dog, Earl. The Cows Go Moo! is his first children’s book. Jim is working on his second book in the series entitled, “The Cows Go Moo Shuffle!” He also hopes to write and illustrate a graphic novel telling the life story of his father entitled, “Jimmy Bojanagles: The Prodigal Dad.” Look for Jim this summer at book signings, open air markets, libraries, dairy farms, bookstores and this fall in school classrooms sharing his book, song and message that you can achieve anything at any age with determination, hard work and encouragement from those around you! Join the Moovement!



History of the Book and Song

How did The Cows Go Moo begin? Back in the 80’s myself, my brother Keith and some friends formed a group called, “The Beakers” we wrote and performed a silly song called, “The Cow Song” at Happy T Ranch summer camp, youth group and wherever we could. We duct taped cups to our noses and blown up surgical gloves to our bellies! Thirty years later my daughters, Olivia & Sophia said, “Dad you should make that song into a children’s book!” What you are holding and listening to is a result of my daughters’ idea and encouragement.

The Beakers - The Cows Go Moo.jpg

This is the only known picture of the Beakers performing The Cows Go Moo! Pictured from left to right is Tim Fulton, Keith Petipas, Doug McLoud and Jim Petipas.

If anyone happens to have any pictures of The Beakers performing The Cows Go Moo please send them to

 Moochas Gracias!


About Boardwalk Books

Boardwalk Books is a Massachusetts-based indie publishing house focusing on children’s picture books. Founder Jim Petipas is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, illustrator and musician. Jim started Boardwalk Books not only to publish his own books, but with the desire to consult with other authors. The name "Boardwalk Books" comes from a very special spot on Cape Cod in Sandwich, Ma. that Jim and his family frequently visit. There is a beautiful saltwater marsh there that has a long boardwalk leading to the sea. At one section of the boardwalk there is a place where you can jump off into the usually very cold water. Great fun and great memories with family and friends are created there.

If you would like to learn more about Boardwalk Books and consider working with Jim on your own book project please connect via the Contact Page. Thank you for your interest in Boardwalk Books!