Here’s what people are saying about,

“The Cows Go Moo!”

“Jim Petipas has added a great new illustrated book to the canon of illustrated books, as the globe-trotting cows take the reader around the world, from The Great Wall of China to Easter Island. Parents will never tire of reading the book, as each illustration contains a number of Easter Eggs hidden inside the colorful pages. When it comes to creating new classics, this book and its bovine band has added an infectious new groove to the genre that parents and children will memorize in no time. The Ducklings better make way for "The Cows Go Moo!"   

Micheal Flaherty, Co-Founder, Walden Media, CEO, Epiphany Story Lab

“I did indeed read THE COWS GO MOO! Cute book! It actually reminded me a lot of PUNK FARM by Jarrett Krosoczka, and both would pair very well in a story time together.”

-Betsy Bird, Fuse#8, School Library Journal blogger


“Since buying "The Cows Go Moo,” my daughter who is two, has to have it read/sang to her every night. Very well done and I hope this book has the same effect that it has had on my daughter! Thanks for writing the book! It’s made for an awesome bedtime routine!”                 

- J. Churchill


“I highly recommend this book for kids of all ages! The Cows Go Moo is a witty, funny and entertaining story about the adventures of nine cows traveling around the world. Your kids will enjoy the catchy song they can sing while reading the story. You will be amazed by the beautiful, vivid illustrations and funny comments on every page. In addition to a fun reading adventure, you will be contributing to a good cause since ten percent of profits will go to Heifer International!

 - K. Fallon


“The Cows Go MOO!! We just listened and read together (twice actually)! Delightful! Udderly so. I’m ready to go trolling through the Far Side for udder cow jokes. I look forward to this one selling wildly and the book tour of an udder!”

 - T. Russell


“I was playing “The Cows Go Moo!” song and reading the book along with it to my five and half year-old grandson when all of a sudden he exclaimed, “Grammy this is better the “Who Let the Dogs Out,” isn’t it?” Great job and catchy tune!”

- D. Gardner

“This is a very clever concept. You download the song from the website and play the music while turning the pages. The pages are colorful and smooth, big, bright, well designed, with tons of extra little details to look at when reading the book separately. The author has found a way to incorporate all of his creative skills into this one project, as he is the artist, author AND musician! My grandkids will be "Mooing" about this to all of their friends!”

- P. Hughes


“My grandson loved this book! It has large, active, colorful, funny pictures. I really liked that much of the wordplay in some of the background elements is subtle humor that adults will also enjoy. The book comes with a free song download, and the sheet music for the song is included in the back of the book. Plus, part of the proceeds from your purchase goes to provide cows for needy families around the world. An all-around splendid idea, a splendid book that is splendidly presented!”

- Amazon Customer


“This is a great children's book, especially if you like cows. My niece really enjoyed hearing about the different places the cows travel and she started nodding her head when we played the song!”

- M. Reddish


“Great book! Kids don't tire of reading it over and over. Well-illustrated with funny details. Sturdy design. Looking forward to the next one.”

- L. Black


“A super fun read along and sing along. The illustrations alone are worth it. The color and creativity make it worthy to display.”

- Lupey


“I bought 12 copies of The Cows Go Moo as Christmas gifts. Cute and funny with great hints at humor for adults. My autistic grandson liked it best of all since it repeats the theme. Also brought this book to Canada and gave it to a relative who is a dairy farmer. Book is a lot of fun to read over and over.”

- D. Stewart


“I can't get the song out of my head! Kids of all ages (teenage son included) will absolutely love this book and the song that accompanies the book (free!). You and your kids will be captivated by the illustrations and the HILARIOUS story of where cows go "moo"! So much detail on every page, your kids will have a hard time putting this book down. A must have for any family that loves reading to their children.”

 - CTM